Mantra Online Magazine UIUX Documentation

This is the comprehensive documentation of my UIUX design process for Mantra, an online magazine/blog website. I started by gaining an understanding of client's needs and goals and researching similar reference sites. This allowed me to understand the platform as I compared and contrasted existing site with each other and with client requirements. I then… Continue reading Mantra Online Magazine UIUX Documentation

Final Project: Mythologies

For my final project, I wanted to revisit making typefaces. One thing I have realized during this class is that I am excited about abstraction, especially in text. Language itself is arbitrary, and the markings we associate with sounds are totally abstract, at least in the Latin alphabet. I am also interested in modular design,… Continue reading Final Project: Mythologies

Exercise 8: Invisible Man Book Cover

The visual style for this assignment was inspired by Saul Bass. I used motifs from the book including coins, eyes, and the significant red, black, and white colors. Since the book has themes of surveillance, I initially wanted the composition to feature an eye with a spotlight across the page. However, this was a little… Continue reading Exercise 8: Invisible Man Book Cover